5. Automation Roller Doors

You’ll really appreciate an automatic garage door opener on those cold, dark or rainy days. No more getting in and out of your car to open or close your garage door!

The Guardian RD2 automatic opener provides quiet, convenient, reliable operation as well as increased security and is suitable for all Roll-A-Door and RollOver roller doors.  The powerful 1000N 24V DC motor is suitable for single or double doors up to 16.5m2.  The slimline motor requires only 50mm sideroom between the door curtain and the inside of the bracket.

So how does it work?  alt=



Quality, Convenience and Reliable Performance

Simply press the button as you enter your driveway, the door opens, a courtesy light comes on and you drive in. Press the button again and the door closes behind you and the light turns off automatically.

High Security Automatic Locking


Safe Opening and Closing of your Garage Door

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