Roller Doors Roller Doors

TiltAdor introduced the roller door to the UK and Ireland in 1983 and has been a manufacturer of roller garage doors ever since.  We continue our strong relationship with B&D Australia Pty Ltd who invented the Roll-A-Door roller door in 1956.  Our Roll-A-Door and RollOver garage door ranges are the result of a combined 80+ years of R&D.

Our engineering experience and the added features that we include in our roller doors, ensure you are getting the best designed roller door in the market: it really does stand out from the competition.  It may be “just a garage door” to you but look a little closer and you’ll see the difference is in the detail.

So how does it work? YouTube

Our roller doors are installed behind the opening, maximising the drive-through width and height of your garage.  As long as you have enough sideroom inside the garage, there’s usually no need for a timber frame as our strong 44mm or 28mm aluminium guides are fixed directly to the brickwork.

Simply push the door up and pull down again.  The door rolls vertically upwards and rolls easily up and down behind the head of the garage opening.  This gives you more clearance at each side as you drive in and out of the garage which is particularly beneficial for larger cars, 4x4s, vans, caravans and off-road vehicles.  After all, we all know who expensive wing mirrors can be!

Low maintenance