Could your existing garage door be costing you money?

Winter is upon us, and heating bills are soaring. Did you know that if your garage is attached to the house, the garage door could be a major source of heat loss. EPC surveyors often contact us about problems with existing houses where the garage door is a major contributor to heat loss. Traditional garage doors offer no protection from heat loss and, due the gaps required for clearances, allow air to move freely through the garage creating draughts in the house. If you have a bedroom above the garage you will notice that this is often the most difficult room to heat.

The Tilt-a-dor Thermador insulated sectional garage door uses 40mm Kingspan insulated panel with a u-value of 0.51 W/M2k to minimise heat loss. Full perimeter seals and joint seals ensure that cold bridges are reduced and airflow are kept to a minimum.

Not only is the Tilt-a-dor Thermador energy efficent it can also improve the appearance of your home.
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A new garage door could save you money!